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Monthly Archives: Giugno 2018


Written on 30 Giugno, 2018 at 12:00, by

Light design for a project of great prestige, using just incandescence bulbs 💡🙄. Made by Alessandro Baricco. Music by Nicola Tescari. Scenography by Eleonora De Leo. Production design Marco Quartana. Producer Arianna Bertolo. Sales Elastica. TheCatcher’s Man Alessandro Mari. Native Scuola Holden. Partnered by Feltrinelli Editore.

Damascus Gate

Written on 27 Giugno, 2018 at 12:00, by

3d texturing, lighitng e final coloring for graphic art called “piccole grandi lanterne”. The still image was projected with two Pani on Damascus Gate for the 10th Annual Light Festival in Jerusalem, from June 27th to July 5th 2018. Concept by Marcello Arosio.