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Ripresa e post-produzione video, con particolare attenzione alla documentazione di progetti per la scena.

Siamo Solo Noi – Official Video
23 Giugno 2021

Design development, motion graphics and production managment for the music video of this historical song by Vasco Rossi. 40 years… and not to show them! Thanks again to Arturo Bertusi, the Director, for asking us.

In this project we developed a real time “toonify” image processing, straight on the set, ready for shooting! Look at the photos 😉

Anima Fragile – Official Video
23 Novembre 2020

It was a real pleasure to be part of the team that made the video clip of this historic song by Vasco Rossi. Also a great technical challenge! Thanks to the director and executive producer, Arturo Bertusi for involving me. I developed the pipe-line of the project and managed the compositing between background, graphic elements and characters, designed by Rosanna Mezzanotte and animated frame by frame by Matteo Manzini (a Wolf Studio). Great Job! © Sony Music

Jenny è pazza
18 Novembre 2018

2d motion graphics and final edit for the video clip of the song “jenny è Pazza” by Vasco Rossi. Drawings and characters by Rosanna Mezzanotte, directed by Arturo Bertusi.

Giocheria 360
10 Ottobre 2018

Concept, art direction and 3d animation of VR 360 Christmast spot by Giocheria.
A little team of 6 people leaded by me and Raoul, from Delumen, made possible this little but very complex 4K movie, in less than 3 months! Awesome!

Follow the starlet to the end 😉

It gets better
12 Maggio 2013

Ripresa e post produzione video per il progetto “It Get Better – Le cose cambiano” contro il bullismo, l’omofobia, la discriminazione sessuale.